We’ve applied the HAL (Hypertext Application Language) format to our Beyond API to offer a consistent and simple way to create hyperlinks between API resources. The HAL structure ensures that each resource contains relational links, and provides a standard identifiable structure for embedding other resources.

Most responses to a Beyond API call include

  • links to URIs (the string we render in our response bodies)

  • _embedded properties (mostly used with calls that list a collection of resources).

These links include

  • a target (the URI), located at the href string

  • a rel (the name of the link)

  • optional query parameters.

Use these _links to receive further information related to a specific request and operate on the resource itself. That way there’s no need to compose URIs yourself, or speculate if further related resources exist, but you can easily navigate from one resource to another. Defaults for operations or payloads, however, are not provided with these links.

HAL example

"_links" : {
   "self" : {
     "href" : "https://yoursandbox.beyondshop.cloud/api/product-management/products/2046e922-cc2c-44fc-9310-c763d5ca6f79"
   "self-localized" : {
     "href" : "https://yoursandbox.beyondshop.cloud/api/product-management/products/2046e922-cc2c-44fc-9310-c763d5ca6f79?locale=en-US"
   "availability" : {
     "href" : "https://yoursandbox.beyondshop.cloud/api/product-management/products/2046e922-cc2c-44fc-9310-c763d5ca6f79/availability"
   "attributes" : {
     "href" : "https://yoursandbox.beyondshop.cloud/api/product-management/products/2046e922-cc2c-44fc-9310-c763d5ca6f79/attributes{?locale}",
     "templated" : true
   "attachments" : {
     "href" : "https://yoursandbox.beyondshop.cloud/api/product-management/products/2046e922-cc2c-44fc-9310-c763d5ca6f79/attachments"
   "images" : {
     "href" : "https://yoursandbox.beyondshop.cloud/api/product-management/products/2046e922-cc2c-44fc-9310-c763d5ca6f79/images"
   "default-image" : {
     "href" : "https://yoursandbox.beyondshop.cloud/api/product-management/products/2046e922-cc2c-44fc-9310-c763d5ca6f79/default-image"

In many responses, you will find these link relations:

  • self shows the current representation of the resource

  • self-localized, in addition to self, holds the relevant localized parameters (mostly used with product-related resources).

You will also come across templated attributes (as described in RFC-6570), as you can see in the above example. If templated is true, additional query parameters can be set. For example, you can set the {?locale}, request specific image dimensions with {&width,height,upscale}, or handle paging and sorting with {?page,size,sort}, just to name a few.